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Click on these sites to find interactive tools and activities that will help you practice your math.


Amy's Electronic Classroom: This site has many interactive tools you will enjoy. Hit the Button: Practice doubling and halving numbers as you sharpen your multiplication facts.
Billy Bug: Help Billy find his grub in this interactive coordinate grid. Johnny's Math Page: This is a great source of interactice tools and games to strengthen your math skills.
Broken Calculator: Eric smashed his calculator and needs some help. Making Change: Can you make change using the fewest number of bills and coins? Click to find out.
Calculator: Use the big buttons of this huge calculator to help you figure out the answers to your math problems. Math Cats: Explore interesting and fun topics in this interactive math site.
Cash Out: Work the register to make the correct change. Math Dictionary for Kids: You'll love learning and looking up math terms with this animated dictionary.
Click on Bricks: Practice your multiplication facts using Lego bricks. Math Glossary: Click on a grade to find illustrated and often animated definitions of important math terms.
Cool Math: You'll love the fun games in this great amusement park of math activities. Math Magician: Are you a math magician? Use this site to find out.
Counter Square: Create number patterns in this interactive hundreds chart. Math Playground: This action packed site offers great ways to practice and enjoy math.
Create a Graph: Do you need to show your data in a bar, line or circle graph? It's just a click away. Percent Paint: Use a virtual paint brush to practice your knowledge of percentages.
Decimal Squares: Practice your decimals in a game of concentration, tug of war, darts and much more. Quilter's Blocks Galore: This site provides hundreds of different patterns.
Fraction Flags: Use the grid to design flags using halves and quarters. Rainforest Maths: You will love the interactive math games on this website.
Fraction Flags  Now use the grid to make flags using thirds. Speed Grid Addition: Race against the clock in this interactive addition challenge
Math Manipulatives: Here's a great source of interactive math toolw for you to use. Sum Sense: Practice your addition facts in this timed activity.
Make a Snowflake: Use this online tool to create beautiful snowflakes. Symmetry: Complete or create symmetrical desigs.
Math Zones: This is a great source of interactive math tools. Toothpick World: Grab some virtual toothpicks to solve geometric puzzles.
That's a Fact: Practice your basic math facts using a timer or not. Virtual Dice Roller:Use the virtual dice in probability games and activtties.
What's My Angle: Investigate angles using this virtual protractor.
Xtra Math: Use this math program to practice your math skills.

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