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Are you curious about how and why things work? Click on the sites below and discover some interesting answers to your questions.



Animal Facts A - Z: This National Geographic site is a great place to learn about the interesting animals that share our world.   Wildlife Junior Journal: Use the A - Z index to find interesting about animals.
Animal Index A - Z: Everything you want to know about animals is listed from A - Z.   Kids Astronomy: If you are interested in exploring outer space, this site is for you.
Animal Planet: This is a great source for information and videos on animals.   Rockhounds. Learn about different kinds of rocks and how they are formed.
Biomes of the World: Find out what it's like to live in different ecosystems.   San Diego Zoo: Click on the link Animals and Plants to read and learn about some very fascinating creatures.
Buglopedia: Discover some interesting facts about insects.   Science News For Kids:Here you'll find timely news about science as well as hands on activities you can do at home and/or school.
Cool Science for Kids: This is a fun and interactive site to explore the wonders around us.   Star Child: Learn about our solar system from this informative site sponsored by NASA. Click on the earphone and the text will be read aloud.
Endangered Animals: Learn about animals that are extinct or endangered.   SwitchZoo: You'll love mixing and matching different body parts to create imaginative and unique creatures.
Engineering Adventures: Log in to view science videos.   Try Science: This gateway will help you explore and investigate science.
Exploratorium: This San Francisco science museum hjas loads for you to explore, make and do.   Wildlife Junior Journal: Use the A - Z index to find interesting about animals.
Defenders of Wildlife:   Scientists and Inventors:
Duckster Animals: Here are even more facts about animals.    

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